Friday, February 24, 2012

Mystery of life (Happiness)

For the longest time in my life I have been puzzled by life's innumerable mysteries. I have always pursued for happiness and satisfaction, unfortunately, it became a very tough and tiring journey, it became more frustrating when you start to look back and realize how far you've gone, yet you have not attained the fulfillment that you have been aiming and working so hard for.

Amazingly, it hit me after the Ash Wednesday mass. I was able to fully understand how I can find inner peace and true happiness. People normally have qualifiers to become happy. Some people will say that they will be happy if they have lot's of money, food or even having something new... For some it's the immaterial stuffs, like being with the people that we love, doing our favorite activity, professional success and the like...

We commonly use the statement "I will be happy if" or "If I ... then I will be happy"... We have the belief that we need reasons for happiness. After the lessons that I have learned from life, I have realized that Happiness is a choice. We can always choose to be happy, regardless of the circumstances or the things that we have. No matter what happens God is always there to watch after us and take care of us. Even in the darkest moments of our lives, we always have the option to dwell in the moment or be happy and move forward.  

We normally hear the the phrase "The glass can be half full or half empty. It's just a matter of perspective". Problems are an inevitable part of life, we can always feel bad and do nothing or start finding ways in resolving our life's challenges. The dimmest light of hope can be seen In our darkest moments... Just like the stars that shines brightly during the darkest nights.

We are forged by our experiences in life, we become better with every surpassed challenge, we become wiser with every resolved problem. Life teaches us so many valuable lessons which we do not understand because we take them for granted.

Happiness is a choice, we can always be happy and have peace within ourselves!